Indonesia: <br><em>Our impact <br>and progress</em>

Our impact
and progress

With less than seven doctors per 10,000 people, patients in Indonesia aren’t always able to access the care they deserve and need.

Despite steady improvements, cardiovascular diseases and neonatal disorders remain top causes of patient mortality in Indonesia.

Actively involving families in a patient’s care journey can reduce complications and save lives.

At Noora Health, we believe that patient and family caregiver training should be the standard of care, worldwide.

In Indonesia, we’re partnering with health systems to collaboratively craft culturally-relevant, evidence-based tools and training to make patients and caregivers advocates of their own care.

Indonesia & Noora Health

In Indonesia, where family is the first port of call for patients, Noora Health partners with the public health system to ensure that family caregiver education isn't an afterthought, but the very foundation of compassionate care.

Impact & growth

Since we launched in Indonesia in September 2023, we’ve trained more than 4,800 caregivers, representing 2,700+ patients.

  • 57

    Trainers Trained

  • 4,856

    Caregivers Trained

  • 23

    Partner Facilities

  • 2,751

    Patients Represented

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