India: <em>Our impact and progress</em>

India: Our impact and progress

In India, hospitals and clinics are often stretched thin—in fact, providers have 2-3 minutes on average to spend with patients and their families.

Despite remarkable progress, India faces a high burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and its under-five mortality rate remains around 3 percent.

Many of these complications can be prevented, and lives can be saved—if only family members knew how 
and were recognized as part of the patient’s healing journey.

At Noora Health, we see patients and their caregivers as an essential part of the solution. Yet, they are the most unsupported resource in healthcare today.

Alongside our health systems partners in India, we co-create culturally-tailored training and evidence-based resources to shift the power back to patients and caregivers.

India & Noora Health

Culturally in India, family plays a role in patient recovery. Noora Health partners with public health systems to ensure that family caregiver education becomes the standard of care.

Impact & growth

In India, where our programs first launched in 2014, we have reached more than 10.3 million caregivers across nine states.

  • 18,522

    Trainers Trained

  • 10.3 million+

    Caregivers Trained

  • 10,872

    Partner Facilities

  • 6.8 million+

    Patients Represented

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