Our reach

Our partnerships

Across India and Bangladesh, we work in close collaboration with public health systems and local partners to implement the Care Companion Program (CCP).

Since 2014, we have built strong partnerships with the state governments of Karnataka, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh in India, as well as the national government in Bangladesh. In 2023, we expanded our work with partners in Indonesia.

In addition to public sector partners, we engage an extensive network of local partners — such as community-based organizations, mission hospitals, academic institutions, development organizations, and NGOs — to reach and create impact within new contexts and settings of care.

Health system partners

In collaboration with our government partners, our work bolsters the efforts of health systems to ensure that diverse communities have access to empathetic care where and when it’s needed.

We work together to integrate the program into existing facility operations and budgets; and governments commit key resources to ensure ongoing success and implementation of the program.

Research and community partners

Our work is human-centered and fueled by collaboration. With more than 100 community and regional partners across research and academia, we continually evaluate and strengthen the impact of our work while responding to the evolving needs of local communities.