The desire to help the people we love is universal.

Access to caregiver training and support is not. For more than a decade, we've been building Noora Health to address this gap.

The desire to help the people we love is <i>universal</i>.

At Noora Health, we believe no one should suffer because of a preventable medical condition.

What drives us

There is a power imbalance in our global healthcare system where those who care most for patients — their loved ones — are left out of patient healing. Families and their patients often leave healthcare facilities anxious, confused, and ill-equipped to care for their loved ones, leading to preventable complications and, in some cases, death.

It takes a family

We support the healthcare community in acknowledging loved ones as caregivers and provide essential training and education as a fundamental right of healthcare.

what we do

We are all caregivers

How it works

By creating a scalable program for caregiving education and training within established healthcare systems, our model provides basic yet vital care knowledge through trusted providers. This model expands the care umbrella to include those closest to the patient — their family and community.

where we work

Our progress & outcomes

Since our start in 2014, we have expanded across India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia to train more than 8 million caregivers, impacting millions of lives.

  • 18,500 +

    Health workers trained

  • 8.4 million+

    Caregivers trained,
    representing 5.6 million+ patients

  • 10,900 +

    Partner facilities

  • 71 %

    Decrease in cardiac complications

  • 56 %

    Decrease in newborn readmissions

  • 78 %

    Increase in skin-to-skin care among new parents

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Every contribution counts

Every donation entrusted to us goes directly towards building programs that equip and train caregivers.