Jacqueline Cooksey

Director, Brand and The Caregiving Lab, Noora Health

Jacqueline has over 15 years of experience and is renowned for her expertise in design research and leading service design programs and teams. Notably, she initiated and led the establishment of The Caregiving Lab at Noora Health — a space to research and advance caregiving models. Jacqueline is deeply invested in advancing radical social change and leveraging design to foster a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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Nurses enjoy a moment together following a Care Companion Program session in Andhra Pradesh.
Anjali Moorthy | Jacqueline Cooksey
Keeping nurses at the center of healthcare design

Seven principles to consider.

Two members of the Caregiving Lab at a brainstorm session in the Noora Health office. They are standing in front of a glass wall with colorful sticky notes and with their backs to the camera.
Jacqueline Cooksey | Minha Khan
Why a lab?

Introducing the Caregiving Lab at Noora Health.